Booklu is the world’s first all-in-one event planning tool. In this information age, we believe event planning could be done in a much better way! Whether your planning an extravaganza, or a casual hangout with your buddies, or your business meeting, Booklu can transform your entire experience by bringing all the information you seek right to your fingertips. Starting from searching for venues and vendors, all the way until the end of the event exchanging reviews and ratings, Booklu enables you to be in control of your event.

Essentially, Booklu is an open marketplace, a virtual hall where service providers and organizers (hosts) meet and do business direct. Booklu envisions creating a global community of all event-related individuals and businesses based on one thing, TRUST.

 Booklu is developed by Way Forward Energy Pvt. Ltd., a technology-based solutions provider based in Sri Lanka. We strive to introduce innovative, global, and futuristic software solutions to various industries. Our team members are highly skilled and experienced free- thinkers who come from a wide diversity of backgrounds. We have an “infectious” enthusiasm to dream, innovate, lead, imagine, explore, understand, create, and perform. And, we do it all with a real on-the-ground social responsibility.

 Booklu is signing up all Event Vendors in Sri Lanka NOW! We invite all event Hosts and Vendors to join the Booklu Community. Welcome to WHERE EVENTS HAPPEN!