Following on from our successful launch, thus introducing Booklu to the World on the 18th of May 2018 at the Fingara Town & Country Club!

I thought for this blog it would be useful, particularly for those who have yet to make it to one of Booklu’s events, to give you a taste of what one of them is like. Here’s what went down on that entertaining evening…

The event was timed to run from 7pm onwards. We introduced it with some ambient meditative melodies from the band – ‘Nishadi’. They truly were an integral part of the successful launch and never fell short of keeping all the guests entertained throughout the evening. The group has now grown to include numerous live musicians and performers, all with the same simple goal of offering a more customized and personal approach to music curation at special events.


On May 18, Booklu hosted their very first signature event, celebrating the craft of venues, food, music, photography and creativity. The goal was to invite vendors to a beautiful venue in Colombo and showcase Booklu’s capabilities, as well as the talent of partners and vendors. From a variety of cocktails to delicious finger food and to cap it off with a mouth-watering Mongolian cuisine entree and select action stations. It left no one with a lack of choices.


All along the evening festivities, Mr. Photographer was right there capturing moments between families, friends and new connections. Photography for him is about connection and an authentic approach. It’s those natural, unplanned moments that become the stories we love to tell and photography is how Mr. Photographer keeps those stories alive. He also loves connecting with clients around Sri Lanka.

After a scrumptious dinner, everyone made their way to the dance floor to bust out a couple moves to get their food digesting…quickly! We took a brief intermission from the dancing to hear from Mr. Chamath De Silva and Dr. Sandu Abeywickrama, the founders of Booklu. They spoke on Booklu’s journey from its inception to standing in the middle of its inaugural event. It was surreal indeed! They also laid out their vision moving forward and make no mistake about it…Booklu has made an entrance!


We then picked things up again and had a few games that got all the guests interacting with each other and it is at this point where new friendships were formed. The winners definitely did not leave empty handed and were given generous prizes for their efforts. The event saw a total of 50+ people attend with their families resulting in the continuous growth of the Booklu Community. The Evening ended with everyone back on the dance floor, enjoying themselves!

We want to thank everyone who joined us for an incredible evening! To find out more about Booklu, log on to or reach out to us at

Cheers to the good times!