I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone whilst I’m trying to organize a meet up, and get the response “Dude, event planning stinks”. It seems to be the cultured response nowadays when you go against the fray and try to put an event together. Let’s face it – people are far too lazy to get the ball rolling on planning anything, let alone an event. DISCLAIMER – Brides, I don’t mean you. You gals love to plan that BIG day 🙂 Event planning can be so stressful that a recent study was conducted at a U.S based recruitment agency and results showed that “event planning is among the toughest jobs in the world, just behind being a fire-fighter and soldier” So, instead of doing another blog post on why you hate your life as an event planner – Let’s shake things up a bit, I decided to ask (3) really cool people to share their most frustrating moments planning an event. Trust me, these stories are hilarious…first up,   We have Steve, He is an expert at dealing with interesting clients planning a host (pun intended) of events – “At a particular venue in my town, there is a large outdoor deck that overlooks the swimming pool which is one floor below.  After a few too many spiced drinks, the birthday boy and a couple of his friends decided it would be funny to jump off the balcony railing into the pool. All I can say is, the birthday boy ended his birthday night by being discharged from the emergency room. There is now a sign stating that jumping from the balcony into the pool is not permitted.”   Carolynn Peters, She is probably one of the best multi-taskers out there. Her ability to oversee and plan multiple things at once is second to none. She relates this story – “At a wedding I helped plan, a little girl went up to the cake and swiped her fingers across the icing. The first few times it happened we didn’t know about it until the Maid of Honor called me on my mobile and said, do you mind coming and doing something about this little girl? she’s ruining the cake. Sure enough we looked at the cake and there were little finger marks all along the bottom of the cake, literally ruining the design.”   Ian Forman, A social and active event planner. He enjoys planing unique events in the most unheard of places. He shares this – ” We were having a legit dinner party for our annual company gathering. At one point a random guest decided to show off his fire juggling skills. He was actually really good! This was until he lost balance and fell into a bush behind him and set a piece of cloth on fire, it started a bit of a blaze (nothing too extreme). We were able to extinguish it quickly.” Can you relate to Steve, Carolynn and Ian? You may not find yourself in the exact predicament as they’ve been in, but there is always a lesson to be learnt from the experiences of our peers. Event planning is no easy task and the ability to undertake a huge responsibility, adding your client’s specific requirements can be a recipe for a mental breakdown! So, let me ask you – does planning an event or any sort of social gathering have to be this difficult and painful? Perhaps there is an easier way to oversee, coordinate and plan an event – let me introduce you to Booklu! Booklu, first of its kind, is your one-stop-shop for all event planning requirements. It is an online marketplace where an Event Host/Planner and Vendor meet, communicate, and do business direct. Hosts and Planners alike can now find all event related services such as venues, catering, decor, photographers, bands, etc., book them online, and manage their entire event on one easy-to-use platform, Booklu.com. Not only that, please get in touch with us by sending an email to contact@booklu.com. We will walk through our entire online platform with you and get your profile up and running super fast. You can also refer to our easy to use step-by-step guide to sign up on Booklu (below) – https://www.booklu.blog/2018/01/15/the-step-by-step-guide-on-how-to-list-your-service-on-booklu/   …one more thing, the guy who almost set himself on fire at Ian’s event – is now working at a circus!