Booklu, first of its kind, is your one-stop-shop for all event planning requirements. It is an online marketplace where Event Hosts/Planners and Vendors meet, communicate, and do business direct. Hosts and Planners can now find all event related services such as venues, catering, decor, photographers, bands, etc., book them online, and manage their entire event on one easy-to-use platform, We call it an Event Marketplace. After being introduced to this new concept, a question asked by many is “How does Booklu help me plan my upcoming event?”. So, this article is on how Booklu helps you put together a perfect event which fits your budget.

How does Booklu help my plan my event?

Booklu is an open community which is based on TRUST, which is the most important value addition offered to you. Booklu establishes trust by implementing TRANSPARENCY in a naturally clouded industry. Also, Booklu offers CONVENIENCE to all its users. Whether you are planning an extravaganza or a casual dine-out, we want you to be able to do all the planning from your fingertips. Super-fast and super-easy.

If you are currently planning an event, Booklu offers convenience by bringing all the information about a wide range of vendors from various business disciplines (venues, photographers, djs, fireworks, etc.) straight to your fingertips. Seeing them all in one place is good, but what’s great is that Booklu allows you to directly communicate with the venue rentals and service providers to gather quotations for your exact requirement. All at the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.   Booklu’s easy-to-use interface helps you communicate with vendors, compare and find the best options for your requirement.

If you are a Event Venue Rental Agency or a Service Provider, Booklu offers convenience by giving you control to manage your bookings from your fingertips. We’ ll discuss the significant benefits to Booklu Partners later in this article.

First, let’s focus is on the Event Hosts/Planners. Here are some of the unique features Booklu offers FREE for all the hosts and event planners.

1. Browse Service Providers By Location

Booklu allows you to discover everything you need for your event in one platform. Just select the service type you are looking for and the geographic area where you are planning to have your event and Booklu will show you all available information on all the service providers and venues. Sometimes, the service providers may only be operating in one country or province and it is a hard task finding the best match for your event idea.

2. Get Quotations

First, Booklu will need some basic information about your event such as, event type, location, date/time. You can also select the type of service you are looking for (eg. venue, band, photographer). With this information, Booklu will present you a wide range of vendors that can cater to you.

Service providers usually have bundled packages for most of the common event types. For example, a photographer could have a set wedding package that includes a pre-shoot, ceremony coverage, framed photos, and a storybook photo album for a fixed price. However, your event can be not-so-common and you might need a custom quotation specifically for you. Booklu allows you to easily communicate with the supplier directly with “Make My Own” package option. This creates a new request for service where the service provider can quote a specific price. Providers may communicate with you regarding questions they might have before quoting a price. The quoted price can be adjusted by the provider, at any time along the way as your requirements change. However, all price changes must be accepted by both parties to take effect. Note that sending quotation requests on Booklu will NOT incur any fees.

In the common case where the service provider already have a package that matches your requirement, AND he/she has enabled “Instant Booking“, you may skip directly to paying an reservation fee to reserve the service for the date of your liking (of course, if the service provider is available on that day).

What is Instant Booking?

Instant Booking is a feature that can be turned ON/OFF by a vendor. When turned ON, a vendor can be booked directly without prior request. These vendors are recognizable by the “Instant Booking” badge that will appear next to the vendor profile picture. When booking these vendors, you can by-pass the requesting and approval process and instantly “Booklu” the vendor by making the reservation payment. With the instant booking feature, you will be able to book vendors within seconds. This feature will save your event from any last-minute hiccups.

3. Manage Quotations and Select Service Providers

Booklu allows you to manage these quotations from multiple vendors and helps you find what you want. Once you have gathered quotations, you can pick the best vendor for your event while considering all the trade-offs (eg: price vs. quality). Booklu will always strive to get you the best deal, every time! Once you find that right vendor at the right price, it is time to lock-it-down by reserving the vendor for your date. That takes us to the final step.

4. Pay Online & Reserve Dates

Once you have made the decision on the service provider, you should pay an advanced payment to reserve the date from the service providers calendar. Making a payment on Booklu is easy using the many payment options provided including Visa / MasterCard payments. A booking “confirmed” only when the initial payment is made. This shows the supplier that you are a serious customer who has paid a reservation fee for him/her to reserve the date for you. This reservation fee will be deducted from your final bill on the day of the event. Once you have a confirmed booking on Booklu, you can relax and have the peace-of-mind knowing your vendor is booked for you.

5. Buy & Sell Online Tickets

If your event is ticketed, Booklu provides an entire ticketing engine for you to easily set up an online ticketing counter. Setting up your tickets is easy and convenient. Let Booklu’s SEO experts take care of getting the maximum online visibility for your event.


Booklu offers all these services FREE for its users. You will pay the same amount you would pay by meeting the service provider. In-fact, most of our partners offer a discounted rate when you book on Booklu . So, why not do it the easy way? Booklu!