Nailing down the venue for your event is up there with the most important decisions you’ll make in the event planning process. However, when you are considering making those decisions – it helps to know what others are saying.

With that in mind, We’ve spoken with (4) people who have thrown outstanding events in the past and asked them what they thought about when making that all important decision. Enjoy!

First up, we have:

Gavo – He’s a cool dude! He plays for a band in Maryland, USA. He likes Taco bell. We got a chance to catch up with him during an event and asked what he thought made the perfect venue for one of his gigs…

“I’m telling you the best places I’ve played at have been the most random venues ever. You name it – a barn, a field, a cathedral, abandoned lakes, the list is endless. You see it’s not just the place, It’s what you do with the place that makes it phenomenal. A creative idea, a dedicated team and most of all a well-planned budget! That’s the bottom line”

Tim – He’s Australian. He enjoys spending time with his family and Aussie rules on Sunday nights. He plans a number of events for Youth in and around Melbourne. He had this to say…

“What I look for in a venue is simple – Ambiance, Accessibility and the Cost. When you have a set framework to work with; it makes it easier to find that perfect place for your event. It has worked for me every time and I don’t see why these factors won’t help me in the future”

Grant – He’s a globetrotter. He likes immersing himself into new cultures and traditions. Super-friendly guy! We got to meet with him and get his take on this…

“The venue is the first thing you need to settle on before anything happens. Being around the world i get to expereince different types of events in different contexts and something that I find consistent throughout is definitely the location. Making things easy as possible for your guests to find the place.”

Shenelle – She’s great. She’s super organised and knows exactly how to get things done. No surprises here, she knew instantly the kind of venue she wanted for her wedding…

“I like to introduce you to the C.A.L.F principle: Convenience, Ambiance, Location and Food. A venue that delivers in these four ways will be my venue of choice!”

Well, there you have it. Real people with real expereinces in finiding their perfect venue. It’s a very important decision, make no mistake about it.

Can you relate to them? Do you have different ideas/ways on how to pick the perfect venue? Let us know by dropping a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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