Did you know that – according to Forbes – there are more than 900,000 mobile apps within the Apple store and another 800,000+ on Google Play? Did you also know that more than 45% of companies still do not have their own mobile app for their company?

With the mobile app revolution on an upward trend, it is baffling to see that most companies still have no interest in one of the most profitable marketing outlets since online ads and/or do not consider mobile app development a priority for their business.

To put all of this information into perspective, consider applying the facts to your business.

Take, for example, the event planning industry.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for meeting/event planners is due to increase 45% by 2020. This can only mean that the event industry is on an upward trend with both private and corporate companies looking for exposure, brand awareness and an increase in revenue.

The marriage of these developing sectors – that of mobile technology and event organization, will define the next five years and how we plan a social and professional function. Consider the various ways a mobile app platform can improve your event.

Engage with customers 24/7: Having a mobile app is a great opportunity to connect with your customers at any time of the day. There are various advantages of utilizing apps as a tool for marketing. The idea is to build an everlasting relationship with your customer in a way that most appeals to them.

iBeacon technology is revolutionizing location based technology. Imagine that a guest at your event has downloaded your app. 

Using iBeacon technology and other location based technology, your app is able to pin point the exact location of a guest – whether they are using the app or not.  Customized messages can be set up so that individuals receive them when passing by specific beacons. This idea comes in handy for convention / trade show style events.

Boost Branding: What if you could create a little billboard in the palm of the customer’s hands? It would be a constant reminder to the consumer of your brand. Build loyalty, increase visibility and stay at the forefront of the competition by using a mobile app.

A mobile app is the best way to capture your customer’s interest and keep them engaged with your brand. It doesn’t really matter if your event(s) are held monthly or annually.  Either way, an app is a great way to stay constantly engaged and on the consumers mind.

Collect Feedback & Customer Behavior Data: Developing a fast and effective way to get feedback from your event guest is vital. A mobile app is a great way to gather this information which can later be used to understand customer behaviors and areas of improvement.

Check out or Shopping cart like functionality is made simple. Purchasing tickets and merchandise at / for your event through an app streamlines all purchasing activity with little to no hassle.

Save money and time by uploading maps, directories or agendas to the mobile app. Save trees and create an interactive experience at the same time.

Build social network engagement: Create a platform with various social integrations. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the biggest apps within the world of social media.

Having a platform where guests can upload pictures of the event, tweet a fellow guest or take a #selfie is a great way to build an event’s social media outreach.

The perks and advantages of surrendering to the digital age and investing in a mobile app are endless. As decision makers, you must consider all of the ways to make your event or company stand out from the rest.

Though creating an app is not a new idea, the kind of experience you can create for your users is potentially unique and could create a huge “wow” factor!