If there is anything in this world that we know for sure, it is that we completely understand how difficult it can be for an event planner to plan for AV rentals! With hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts that come into play with AV rentals, not including the other dimensions of an event that are necessary to the success of the event.

So, planning an event and don’t know where to start with AV rentals? We’ve got you covered!

5 Must-Haves for AV Rentals:

1. Digital Mixers

A digital mixer offers capabilities for enhancing vocals for performers, applying effects, and managing overall audio that most other typical mixers cannot offer. Another advantage of renting a digital mixer over a typical mixer is that money can be saved when taking into consideration the abilities of the digital mixers and how much money it would take in add-ons for a typical mixer to be capable of what the digital counter-partner is.

In our opinion, a digital mixer is top-of-the-list when it comes to AV rentals.

2. Wireless mics with antennas

Arguably one of the most useful, used, and requested items, the wireless mic is something of a blessing for speakers at events. If you have at least one wireless mic on the quote for your AV rentals, you are doing something right!

The only thing to take into consideration with these is the antenna quality and distance at which the mic will be  from the receiver; the last thing you want is the audience to play fill-in-the-blanks when a speaker is delivering a keynote address!

3. 16:9 Aspect Screens

Video content is something that nearly every event has room for; it adds a necessary dimension for the audience to connect auditory and visual senses together and, therefore, better comprehend whatever message is being conveyed.

To effectively add video content to an event, some form of projector is needed (front or rear projection), but he most important part is the screen’s aspect ratio. Most projectors can be set to accommodate any screen but the screen in typically one set size or ratio. Be sure to add 16:9 aspect ratio screens to your AV rentals quote! 

Surprisingly, 16:9 is seen by the human eye as a more natural size to view content from. It also  looks more professional and of a higher-class event!4. Floor monitors; Confidence Monitors (screens that mirror the projectors)

4. Floor monitors

Floor monitors are absolutely necessary for the performers or speakers that will be present on the stage; they are smaller speakers that, usually, faces the stage in order for the speaker or performer to hear him/herself. The audio speakers are always set up to face the audience or crowd and only works in one direction (towards the audience). Now think of the direction that the audience is facing, the speakers!

This means that whoever is on stage that is standing behind the speakers will hear only the audience and not themselves or whatever it is they need to hear that is coming out of the speakers. Floor monitors resolve this issue and allows the people who are on-stage to hear themselves!

5. Confidence Monitors and Slide-Advance Clickers

Confidence monitors are similar to the above, floor monitors, but instead of audio, it allows the people who are on stage to see what is being projected on the 16:9 projector screens!

With this, it is always nice to have a slide-advance clicker to move from slide to slide or cue to cue while being able to be at a remote area from the computer or wherever the video content is coming from.

We hope you found this list helpful and we wish you the best of luck when putting together an event and putting together a list of needed AV rentals!

Why use high-quality AV equipment:

When used properly, AV allows you to share powerful messages with your audience and encourages interaction which in turn will leave a lasting memory of your presentation with them, whether that be a sales message or educational content.

With advancements in video and presentation creation tools the opportunities to best utilise the AV equipment really are endless and we are here to help show you to do so.

The technology behind AV can bring your content to life, helping your audience to better connect with your messaging, whether that be through visual content, sound, lighting, or improved interaction.

Things to consider:

1. The first thing to think about is what type of venue will you be hosting your event at?

Indoors or outdoors?

What size is the space?

Will the space be easy to work with in terms of access, power, lighting, traditional layout

2. How large is your audience?

Enhanced audio systems and multiple screens may need to be specified

3. What are your presentation goals – sales/education/company message?

What software will you use to create your presentation? Have you got a Content Manager to manage this for you

4. What is the mood/tone of the presentation– formal/informal/fun?

Lighting can help to set the tone of the event

5. Do you want to film the presentation and audience

Post-event video content is a powerful marketing tool

6. Do you want easy to manage live audience participation

A dedicated social media channel can encourage interaction

We help you to showcase your brand:

We are experts in understanding our client’s briefs and delivering the technical production for any live event indoors or outdoors.

Born out of 20 years’ experience in the audio visual industry, Showcase AVi is a new and exciting supplier delivering innovative, creative and technically challenging AV solutions.

Showcase AVi supplies:

  • Audio visual hire
  • LED screens – modular and mobile
  • Set and stage design and build
  • Expert technical design and installation
  • Every event receives a dedicated Project Manager
  • ….. to bring your brand to life

Please leave any comments below so we can dialogue as to how you view the importance of AV at your next event!