I present to you the Booklu Sign Up guide. It literally takes you from the very first to last step in the process. The screenshots will also help with keeping you on the right page and will explain each step clearly.

Without further ado…

Step 1

First thing you need to do is visit – www.booklu.com and select the ‘Sign Up’ option in the top right corner of your screen and you will be redirected to this pop-up:

Fill in your personal details; thereafter you will receive a prompt to verify your e-mail address. Log in to your e-mail and follow the instructions to verify your e-mail. You should now be logged on to your profile page (below):

Now, click on the ‘Add New Listing’ button on the top center of your screen and you should be on this page:

Step 2

As shown above, you can select the service you provide and then indicate what type of events you provide service for. After selecting the relevant options, click next…

Step 3

On this page, enter your address details. The ‘Select your service region’ option simply indicates to potential hosts what regions in Sri Lanka you provide service in and how far you are willing to travel to be a part of an event. After selecting your service region/s, click next.

Step 4

The basic details page (above) is all about describing the service/s you provide. In the ‘description’ section, you can write in detail about the specifics of your service including any special features that your service has. Make sure that you enter your payment plan details clearly and how you wish for hosts to communicate with you. After entering in the required information, you know what to do…click next!

Step 5

Once you have entered the details of your service, now it’s time to customize your package. On the booking page (above) there are a number of options you can select from to help the host choose you as a vendor for their event. Specify the time clearly if you accommodate ‘instant bookings’.

Note – the reservation price that you set needs to be paid by the host in advance to make the booking. You can select how far into the future you can be booked by mentioning your booking window.

Step 6

After creating your listing, you can now start adding different packages to your service. Come up with a name and describe all the details of the package – including any special features and offers that you have running for a certain period of time. Clearly state from when the package will be available and for how long.

Note – The pricing method for –

1)  per head + fixed amount – The host will have to pay for the number of guests + the set price of the event.

2) Per event (Fixed amount) – The host has to only pay the set price of the event.

Mention your fixed amount and select ‘active’ if your package will be made available to hosts at the time of creating this package. For more information on Booklu’s cancellation policy – please visit the cancellation policies page at the footer of the homepage. Click next and you will now move onto the image upload page…

Step 7

Uploading images and videos is highly recommended. It gives potential hosts a very good idea of the kind of service you provide and some real-life snapshots of your work. The options on this page are straightforward – upload as many images as you’d like and a video if you have one.  Then, click next…

Step 8

As seen above, you’ve reached the end of the process of creating your new listing. Click finish and you should see a pop-up saying…

Final Step

Once you arrive at this page you have now completed all the details to make your listing on Booklu. The ‘In Review’ status will be seen next to your new listing as our team will be processing the information. Upon approval, you will receive an email mentioning that your listing has been published on the Booklu homepage.

Thank you for using our step-by-step Sign up guide and…welcome to the Booklu family!