Something often overlooked when booking hotel blocks for conferences are hotel amenities for conference attendees. People pay a lot of money and travel far to get to your conference, so don’t you want to make their home away from home a positive experience? Today we will show you how to do just that!

We have gathered a variety of the best hotel amenities for conference attendees to look for when finding the right hotel for your next conference. Whether that be an amazing view, oversized towels, or coffee break areas we’ve got you covered. From luxury items to must have in-room amenities we have it all! All 20 of these amenities keep the comfortability of your attendee in mind so that they have a wonderful event experience from check-in to check-out!


Most hotels have somewhat of a bar area but to really be unique, try to find a hotel that has live music or bartending classes. Fairmont Dubai created a live mixology lab that is an interactive class that teaches you how to many a variety of mixed drinks. A hotel that includes a bar or live music will give your attendees a chance to relax and enjoy the end of their day while they people watch and listen to music.


This amenity is crucial because a good night’s sleep will affect the mood of each attendee at your conference the next day. Make sure the thread count is high and the material is as soft as butter. Ask the hotel when they last replaced their mattresses, if they have pillow-top mattress covers and plenty of pillows.

Breakout Rooms

When looking for a great hotel for your event, it’s always good to see if the hotel could host the event. Does the hotel have a ballroom or even a place for breakout rooms? If the hotel has breakout rooms you will be able to break the number of attendees into smaller, more focused groups that can rotate to each room throughout the day.

Close to Shopping and Restaurants

We all know that when people go to conferences, they are also looking for things to enjoy outside of conference hours. Making sure the hotel is close to shops and restaurants is important. Many people go in groups to the restaurants that are near the hotel at the end of each day to relax and network, so make sure the restaurants are large enough to hold mass amounts of people. If you are planning scheduled dinners or happy hours, call the restaurant ahead of time so that they are prepared for the rush of attendees.

Coffee Break Areas

It’s important to see if your hotel has areas to grab a coffee and sit with others. You will want to incorporate breaks throughout your session and allow attendees to have time to process all that is happening or catch up with some old friends. It would be great to find a hotel that has indoor and outdoor seating as well.

Complimentary Breakfast

This accommodation will save money and make your attendees satisfied. All of the extra money that goes into attending a conference can be hard to handle at times. Making sure those in attendance are provided a free meal will make them feel taken care of. It also helps their budget and yours!


Have you ever attended a conference and forgot to bring essential items? Making sure the hotel has a concierge could be an optional solution for those little mishaps.  Most concierges will shop for you and deliver it to your hotel room. A concierge knows their city well, so they can also make your reservations for the best restaurant in town and arrange the transport to get there. It is their job to take care of their guests and make sure guests have the best experience possible.

Exercise Center

Although this sounds like a common amenity, it’s nice to make sure there is an exercise center inside the hotel to accommodate those with healthy lifestyles. I would also check to see how big the exercise center is and what types of equipment they have, and if there are fees to use it.

Free Coffee/Tea

Most hotels have free coffee/tea in the entrance area with to-go cups, sugar, and creamer. This is just another simple hospitality perk that creates a home away from home feel.

FREE High-Speed WIFI

Of course, it’s important to make sure that the hotel you select for your conference has FREE high-speed WIFI for your attendees. It’s important that your attendees are able to stay connected at all times and to receive your event updates and push notifications. Basically, FREE and high-speed WIFI is a must!

Free Parking

For your attendees that are driving to the conference, it’s good to find a hotel that has room for parking and ideally free parking. Conferences can be expensive to attend and the money can add up quickly. Look for little ways to save attendees money. If the hotel does not offer free parking, see if they will offer attendees an exclusive discount. Although there are many bonuses to having your event in a big city, parking access is typically a concern. Looking into the parking access for your attendees should be a priority so that attendees that decided to drive to the event have a place to park their car.

Lavish Toiletries

It’s the little things like luxury toiletries that keep your attendees perky for your event. It’s a great surprise when you discover your hotel has full-size toiletries or a special scent or product that can only be found at their hotel. Aromatherapy scented toiletries are another great way to help attendees relax after a long day! They not only establish great marketing for the hotel but they allow your attendees to travel worry-free if they forget a toiletry or two.

Hotel App

Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and Ritz-Carlton are the most frequent, currently used hotel apps right now. Hotel apps are great tools for the attendees for making reservations, upgrading rooms, finding places to eat around the hotel, and checking in and out. Hotels apps with added discounts are a bonus.

In-Room Coffee Maker

Most of the time we think a single cup coffee maker would, of course, be in every hotel room, but think again. Many conference hotels are letting go of their in-room single cup coffee makers so that attendees are required to purchase coffee at their coffee shop. It’s great sales thinking in terms of the hotel, but not so much for your event. Double check that the hotel provides an in-room coffee maker with single-serve coffee and water bottles for each room because we all know how much we hate spending an arm and a leg on bottled water at expensive venues.

In-Room Mini Bar

There is a certain feeling that comes with knowing you are staying in a hotel that has a stocked mini bar. If you find a hotel that has this additional accommodation, it means you have probably selected a higher end hotel that will keep the needs of their guests as a top priority.

In-Room Safe

This additional in-room amenity allows the guests to feel like their safety is being acknowledged by having an area to secure items in a safety box. This allows your guests to like their personal items are safe while they are out and about.


Including kiosks at the front of hotels is a new way of meeting the needs of guests in a quicker, more innovative way. Kiosks can provide area locations, room service needs, and answer many of the frequently asked questions that are asked during check-in. Most of the hotels in conference magnet cities like Las Vegas include kiosks to check in and out of your hotel and print boarding passes.


Although at most conferences going to the pool would not be on the agenda for most attendees, having a beautiful, accessible pool is a perk to many guests. Whether the attendees are extending their stay or wanting to take a late night swim, having a pool good thing to add to the must list. Depending on the type of event you have, you could even host a pool party and have a must-see host be the highlight event to either kickoff or end the event in style.

24 Hour Help Desk

Most hotels have a help desk but make sure that the hotel has 24-hour service so that their will always be someone to help if needed for your attendees. Help desks are there to accommodate their guests and make sure they can access all of their in-room amenities and check-in and out properly.

To sum things up, when looking for the right hotel for your attendees, make sure you have your attendees in mind. Think about the little amenities that you find comfort in when you travel. The things that make you feel welcome and less stressed while you are away from home. And of course, find the unique treasures like the amazing view, the unique architecture if an event room, or the robotic check in that your attendees wouldn’t be able to stop raving about.

With these 20 hotel amenities for your conference attendees, your guests will surely feel cared for at your conference day and night!  What are some of your favorite amenities at hotels during conferences? Comment below and let us know!