There is absolutely no doubt that music can make or break an event. Think of it as the heart of your event. Hiring a talented band or DJ is a given. But how do you find exactly what you’re looking for?

It starts with asking yourself simple questions, specifically what type of music suits your taste, budget and so on…

Whether you consider yourself a music person or not, the music at your event is super important and should never be compromised. A great band or DJ can be the difference between a pretty fun time and an unforgettable event!

A couple things to consider before picking the tunes for your event:

  1. The vibe – The type of music you pick can set the tone and solidify the theme of the event; and it’s the thing people most often remember. Think about the essence of your event and then brainstorm musical genres that best reflect that.  Also, the way the music is delivered by a live band or DJ affects the atmosphere. The type of music you want will dictate your decision to either go with a band or DJ, keep that in mind.
  2. Research bands and DJ’s – If you’re a lover of live music and have a big budget to play around with, the preferred pick could be a band. However, if you have a tighter budget and want all your songs to be played just like you hear them on your Ipod – go with a DJ. Regardless, do your research by going online, speaking with friends and family. You’ll see there’s a lot of variety.
  3. An adequate sound system – A huge aspect of good music is the sound system. Nothing is worse when the music is great but the sound system is not up to par and the whole atmosphere falls flat. Therefore it would be a vital decision to hire a good sound engineer or if you’re going with a DJ – make sure he has a good set of sound equipment!

These are (3) of a plethora of factors to consider when picking the right music, but from my expereince the factors above set in motion the journey to finding the right tunes for your event.

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