Booklu is a virtual community of event hosts, event planners, and event vendors where they can all meet and do business direct. In other words, Booklu offers an end-to-end event planning experience for its users,  from the start of the planning process all the way to the end where the ratings and reviews are exchanged.

Booklu recognizes that a the secret to a well-planned event is in the unity of multiple individuals executing tasks together in-sync.  We aim to help this process by forming a common trust-based business platform.  Booklu community is completely based on TRUST and TRANSPARENCY.

We offer you an innovative  solution to some of the most pressing and common challenges faced by most of the businesses in the event industry across the world. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should list your business on Booklu. today!

1- Increase Revenue and Profits

In such a wide industry, there is no end to growing. By being on Booklu, you will maximize your bookings by reaching out to a larger audience. Since the launch, Booklu community has been growing at a super-fast rate. Staying visible on Booklu will place your business in ever-growing community.  The pivotal point in any business is to be accessible whenever the user requirement triggers. Yes, that is right. When the user thinks of planning the event in his/her mind. It could be a wedding which is planned across months or even years, or a quickly planned spontaneous hang-out with your friends. So being on Booklu gives you the power to be present, accessible, and ready to be booked (via online payments) right when the customer needs you.

2- Start building a REPUTATION  with the fast-growing Booklu community.

Like in any other marketplace, TRUST is the single-most important factor in Booklu. We aim to build a platform that transcends trust and visibility between the vendors, clients, and throughout all Booklu users. This is achieved by the use of relevant ratings and review schemes. In the event industry, I need not emphasize how far a 5-star reference from a satisfied client can take you. Get your clients to create the best kind of marketing for your business.

3- Manage your calendars, bookings and customers through Booklu.

Planning an event like a wedding could sometimes span over a year whereas some events are planned in a very short period of time.  This adds a layer of complexity when it comes to managing all the calendars, bookings and customers. It is extremely important your customers feel well-attended throughout the planning period. Booklu gives your the easiest solution for this problem. Customers can keep in touch you directly through Booklu, discuss the requirements, share ideas, and make changes to their bookings from anywhere.

4- FREE to be seen.

In Booklu, we believe adding mutual value is a number one priority. Booklu is 100% free to register (both company and individual accounts) and publish any number of services. However, Booklu will charge a “service fee” when you receive a confirmed booking (learn more via  In other words, Booklu will only make money if you as a vendor are making more money through Booklu. Zero investment upfront. Isn’t this an amazing win-win or what?

5- Early bird gets the worm.

Booklu revolutionizes the event industry as a whole by adding super-convenience to the planning and execution process of an event. Like in any revolutionary product, the biggest winners are the ones who joined early. Also, your customers will be able to see when you joined Booklu. So, my advice is,  start your Booklu journey today. Let us redesign and conquer the world of future events, TOGETHER.

So are you a Vendor? and are you based in Sri Lanka? If so, you can get a head-start  by becoming a  Booklu vendor today. Click here to get started.

And, if you need some help here is a Step-by-step guide to Becoming a Booklu Vendor.

I’ll see you Where Events Happen. 😉

Dr. Sandu Abeywickrama